Ultimate Player Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy sets out in full the kind of information relating to Players, Parents/Guardians and Ambassadors (‘users’) that we (Ultimate Player Limited) collect, hold and use and what we do with it. We only ask for information we think we need to make our website as useful as we can.

    Parents/Guardians play an important role in our site , by monitoring their child’s progress and helping to keep their child safe and secure online. It’s important to us that they, and their children, understand this policy and we hope that Parents/Guardians will take time to explain it to and discuss it with their children.

    If you continue to use / visit UltimatePlayer.me then you will have accepted this policy and site rules and standards.

  2. Information we collect

    We may collect and use the following information relating to users of our site

    ● Information users give us when signing up to Ultimate Player and creating an account including email addresses

    ● Analytics related to site usage

    ● We avoid collecting information from others unless we think we need to. We will, though, collect Players’ skills scores as submitted by their parents / guardians and Ambassadors.

  3. Cookies

    Our website uses cookies, which are small files used to distinguish between users of the site. Further information can be found in the cookies policy

  4. How we use information

    We use information held about users:

    ● to contact Parents / Guardians and Ambassadors where we need to and to send other information when requested

    ● to make sure that our site is as useful as possible and that users can track progress (or the progress of the Player you are responsible for) across a range of skills;

    ● to understand who is using our site, to make sure they are run successfully, safely and securely and to guard against technical problems;

    ● to send Parents/Guardians and Ambassadors information about events (like coaching sessions) and things (like fitness gear) we offer;

    ● to make sure that our site and app are as useful as possible and that users can find Ambassadors, coaches and coaching events and track progress (or the progress of the Player you are responsible for) across a range of skills;

    ● to understand who is using our site and app, to make sure they are run successfully, safely and securely and to guard against technical problems;

  5. For Ambassadors

    Please note that we will collect additional information on Ambassadors, for example we will ask for:

    ● recent and effective Disclosure and Barring Service checks and Safeguarding Children Certificates;

    ● a photo, a CV and details of qualifications and references.

    Where possible, we will provide copies or details of the above. The reason for collecting, storing and displaying that information is to try to ensure that Players are protected and that the necessary qualifications and credentials for coaching children are in place.

  6. Sharing information

    We may share information with others to comply with a legal obligation.

  7. Security and protection

    We understand that users’ information is private and we do all we can to make sure it is kept secure. We know that is especially important as many Players are children. For that reason we’ve decided to take steps like:

    ● Only asking for small amounts of information from Players at the start of the sign-up process and emailing Parents/Guardians before finishing that process, to make sure they give their consent;

    ● Only asking for information we need to make the site useful;

    ● Not asking for photos (except from Ambassadors to ensure Parents/Guardians can verify them).

    Users can help by keeping their UP login details and password a secret as well as using the site responsibly and in line with our site rules and standards.

  8. User’s rights

    Users can take action to restrict the ways we use information, for example, by asking us not to use it for marketing and/or asking us not to share it with our partners.

    You can also contact us, by email at [email protected] or by writing to us at Ultimate Player Limited, Elms Sport in Schools, 12 Pynnacles Cl, Stanmore, Greater London HA7 4AF. if you want to:

    ● Ask about how information is used or ask to restrict or change use;

    ● Ask for the information we hold on you or your child (we might have to charge a small fee for providing this);

    ● Inform us that information held is out of date or inaccurate; or

    ● Otherwise contact us about this policy.

  9. Links to Other Sites

    Our site may contain links to and from the websites of our partners which will have their own rules and policies on privacy and information. We don’t have control over what they do with information and aren’t responsible for it but you should check their policies to make sure you’re comfortable with them.

  10. Changes to this Policy

    If we need to update or change this policy, the new version will be posted on our site. Please check back frequently to check for updates or changes.