What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the term used to describe the protection of an individual’s welfare. And today, technology adds an extra challenge to parents and teachers concerned with safeguarding their children.

The primary concern for many parents is the risk posed by online abuse and bullying. Plus, the idea of personal data getting in the wrong hands is another reason to be cautious about what your kids get access to online. Plus, there’s the concern about your child getting access to inappropriate content.

So online safeguarding is about making sure that your children can operate in an environment that poses none of these risks. Needless to say, taking strict measures to protect the users of Ultimate Player was our number one priority when the app was designed.

How does Ultimate Player safeguard your children?

Firstly, Ultimate Player doesn’t store any personal data. Each new participant creates an identity using a customised badge and a name of their choice. So only the friends that they do sports with will ever know their true identity.

And parents also get the assurance that there is no way for bullying or teasing to happen within the app. Ultimate Player works solely on positive endorsement, and kids can do little more than like each other’s achievements. It’s designed to be inclusive, so ability doesn’t matter - every child has an equal chance of hitting their personal best and becoming the Ultimate Player.