Terms and Conditions

  1. Rules, Standards and Terms for Using Our Site

    We want to make sure our site is as useful and fun as possible. That means we allow users, especially Players, to get creative when logged in.

    Because of that, it’s really important that the rules we’ve set out below are followed. They apply to everyone who visits the site. If you carry on using the site, that means you’ve accepted and agreed to these rules and to our Privacy Policy.

    Parents/Guardians play an important role in our site, by monitoring their child’s progress and helping to keep their child safe and secure online. It’s important to us that they, and their children, understand these rules and standards and we hope that Parents/Guardians will take time to explain and discuss them with their children.

  2. Uses we don’t allow

    Please be sensible and careful when you use our site. We really want you to be safe, to respect other users and to look out for yourself and other users. There are also some things you must not do on our site:

    ● Don’t use the site if you are not a Player, Parent/Guardian of a Player, an Ambassador or someone we allow to work on the site.

    ● Don’t use it to do anything illegal or harmful to try to trick anyone (for example, about your age or to trick them into giving you money or things).

    ● Don’t use it to try to contact or harm anyone in any way, especially children.

    ● Don’t use it to try to send any advertising material, or otherwise try to contact anyone to advertise, through the site, without our agreement.

    ● Don’t use it to do anything (including uploading, downloading, sending or receiving) with any material or information that doesn’t comply with these standards and rules.

    ● Don’t use it to do anything with material that could harm our site, or its users (like viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or any other harmful programs or similar computer code) (including uploading, downloading, sending or receiving that material). Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee our site will be free from those kind of harmful things. Users should make sure their own programmes, platforms etc. are safe and protected.

  3. Don’t access, change, damage or disrupt:

    ● any part of our site;

    ● any background structures which support or effect the site (things like equipment, networks, software used either belonging to us or any of our partners).

  4. Standards

    We know that some users of our site might be children (Players in particular). Because of that users can only contribute directly in certain ways and following these rules. The main ways in which users can contribute directly are:

    ● Players and Parents/Guardians together will set up an account for the player to view the stats they have been given from coaches and create a ‘tag’; We have taken all possible steps to ensure that the above doesn’t put users (particularly children) at risk. However, all uses of interactive services by a child are subject to the consent of their Parent/Guardian. It is really important that Parents/Guardians communicate with their children about their safety online so that children who are using our site are made aware of the potential risks to them.

    It’s really important that, when you interact with our site, you remember the rules below. Anything you contribute, add or upload to our site must:

    ● Be accurate.

    ● Be fair.

    Anything contributed, added or uploaded must not:

    ● Contain anything which might insult, threaten or offend anyone.

    ● Contain anything which is rude or which annoys, upsets or embarrasses any other user.

    ● Promote or contain sexually explicit material, violence, anything illegal or anything which discriminates against anyone.

    ● Infringe any rights of anyone else (for example something that has been copied from someone else).

    ● Trick anyone or attempt to trick anyone.

    ● Be used to impersonate another person.

    ● Seem like it is from us (if it isn’t).

  5. What if users don’t follow the rules?

    We think everyone that uses our site will be as concerned about other users as we are and we hope that we don’t have to do anything to make sure the rules are followed. But we take the rules seriously and will do whatever is needed to protect the privacy and rights of other users.

    If anyone does anything to break the rules, we might do any of the following things:

    ● End (temporarily or permanently) that persons’ right to access our site.

    ● Remove (temporarily or permanently) anything that person has posted, uploaded or contributed.

    ● Issue a warning by email to that person and/or (in the case of Players) their Parent/Guardian.

    ● Take any legal action against that person or (in the case of Players) their Parent/Guardian.

    ● Inform any authority (e.g. the police) and hand over any information to them, where we think that is necessary.

    ● Take any other steps we think are necessary.

    We won’t be responsible or liable for anything done by any user which breaks any of our rules.

  6. Access and ownership

    We provide our site free of charge. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that our site will always be available and we might need to change or stop (hopefully only for a short period) the site and access to them. We won’t be responsible or liable if the site is not available at any time.

    Users should consider us the owners of all information contained in our site (we own the ‘intellectual property rights’). Users should avoid taking action that might question, challenge or be inconsistent with our ownership in any way, for example, users shouldn’t try to change any copies of any materials from our site and shouldn’t use any part of our site for business purposes unless they have relevant permission to.

  7. Your account and password

    Users will get a username and password to log on to our site. It is really important that all users create secure passwords and take reasonable steps to prevent others accessing their account.

    If you know or think that someone else has your username and password you should contact us for it to be changed.

  8. Who are ‘we’ / Contact us

    Our site (www.ultimateplayer.me) is operated by Ultimate Player Limited (us / we). We are registered in England and Wales under company number 4164959 and we have our registered office at 30 City Road, London EC1Y 2AB. Our trading address is at Ultimate Player Limited, Elms Sport in Schools, 12 Pynnacles Cl, Stanmore, Greater London HA7 4AF.

    If you have any questions about these rules and standards or anything relating to our site, please get in touch with us either by writing to us at the above address or email [email protected] .

  9. Changes to these Rules and Standards

    If we need to update or change this policy, the new version will be posted on our site. Please check this page for updates or changes.